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The #1 Organo Gold Review Online – Is Organo Gold Legit Or A Scam?

Organo Gold Business Opportunity Review

Starting a new business is never a quick decision. That is why you probably clicked on this article review to find out more information about the Organo Gold opportunity. This review is a third-party opinion from someone who did not join Organo Gold but has been in the network marketing industry most of his life.  I will cover the Organo Gold company, their delicous coffee, how you get paid and the validity of the Organo Gold opportunity.

Organo Gold, Inc.

Organo Gold launched in September of 2008 with intentions of marketing healthy coffee and creating an atmosphere where people could become financially independent world-wide. Their founder and CEO Bernardo Chua has many years of executive leadership experience in the network marketing industry. He has many awards including the title of “Direct Sales Company Of The Year” on 5 separate occasions over the course of his career.

You might be wondering what Organo Gold is all about. What makes their coffee better? Why should I sell coffee? These are questions that Organo Gold makes you ask yourself but they deliver in an incredible way. First of all, coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet behind water. Secondly, their special blend of premium coffee and Ganoderma – an ancient chinese herb which improves one’s health and makes you feel better overall is a one in a lifetime product to market on a global scale.  People already drink coffee, so why not share with them the power of the Ganoderma herb found in Organo Gold coffee.

What is Ganoderma?

We all know coffee is the most popular morning beverage world-wide. Starbucks has revolutionized the coffee industry over the past few years so we know the demand is there but what makes Organo Gold different? The difference comes from their special ingredient called Ganoderma. It’s a mushroom grown in China that has been used for medicine purposes for the past 4000 years.  Thanks to Organo Gold the word is spreading about the powerful health benefits found in this special mushroom.

Thanks to scientific research and advanced technologies Organo Gold has developed a full line of beverages which include coffee, mocha, latte, green tea and hot chocolate. In addition to their beverages they sell nutritional supplements which all contain the “miracle herb from the East”.

Organo Gold Compensation Plan

When looking at the business opportunity one cannot ignore the compensation plan. Upon review of OrganoGold.com I discovered that the compensation plan is very generous. There are two primary ways to get paid in Organo Gold. The structure of the pay plan is set up on a binary system where reps can earn up to 20% residual commissions on product orders within their downline up to 9 levels deep.  You are also compensated on initial start up packs and first orders. A complete list of ways to get paid can be found at the OrganoGold.com website.

Success With Organo Gold

For anyone looking at the Organo Gold opportunity they can be confident that the company is viable and not a scam. Although there are many pyramid schemes to be cautious of this is definitely not. The products are viable and are in high demand which helps distributors make sales. However, most Organo Gold distributors will never become successful because they lack the skills necessary to market their business.

Taking Organo Gold To The Internet

Leveraging the power of the internet and an online marketing system will drastically improve your chances of becoming a top income earner in any network marketing or MLM company.  I suggest you consider taking your Organo Gold business or any MLM online and partner up with a strong marketing system that will help you generate 20+ leads a day on autopilot.

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