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Read This – 4 Concepts, That When Mastered, Will Totally Change Your Business Forever

This article will shed light on 4 elementary concepts that you must know before earning a significant income with your online business. These 4 concepts have been around for several years but only a select few of online marketers have mastered them until recent.

So you’re probably wondering what are these 4 concepts and how can I implement them into my marketing efforts online. As you read this article you will begin to see just how important these concepts are and even more so when used in combination. You may have already mastered 1 or 2 of these but until you combine these concepts into one focused marketing campaign you will not experience results like the elite in our industry.

Marketing That Works:

One thing all business models require is marketing. Traditional business models use traditional marketing mediums like radio ads, T.V. ads, billboards, flyers and store fronts. Business owners know that without a quality advertising campaign their business is doomed from the start. Advertising attracts new customers which is the most critical thing about any business.

But what if I don’t have a traditional business or a storefront? I’m glad you asked! Fortune 500 companies are finally starting to understand how powerful the internet really is. Almost every day I see a new banner ad or facebook fan page of a large corporation who has made the switch to the internet. The question is if they are doing it why not you? It’s a valid question that needs to be addressed.

There are numerous opportunities with online advertising. You are able to customize your campaign in just about every way. It just makes more sense to use the internet than an expensive radio ad or billboard. Let’s take a look at some types of online advertising that is available.

Free Marketing

Social Networking – Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are the big 3. Create accounts at each of these sites. Find discussions and how-to videos if you need help setting up accounts or basic information on how to use these services. The point is, make yourself available so people can connect with you online via these social networking sites.

Video Marketing – YouTube, Viddler and DailyMotion are the most popular video hosting sites online today. The main goal here is to attract people by “showing” them what they want and in return they may visit your website after watching the video. There are many great tools available to create and edit quality marketing videos. My recommendation is camtasia.com but a free alternative is videospin.com

Blogging – Setting up a blog can be fun and simple. Don’t waste your time on perfecting your blog when you’re first starting out. Spend about 25 min a day on it and after 3-6 months you will have a great looking, content rich blog that will get tons of daily traffic. Think of your blog as a ‘Mother Ship’. Its where all of your content online (articles, videos, social media postings etc.) will point people to. It’s a place where people can come get more information about you and your business. Also, having a blog in place sets you up as a leader and a professional in the eyes of your followers.

Article Marketing – Writing articles is another form of providing content that people want. Learning how to write quality articles is something that takes time but is a skill everyone should develop if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. The most popular article directory sites are ezinearticles.com and Goarticles.com

Paid Marketing

Pay-Per-Click – This is by far my most favorite form of advertising online. Everyone has their own financial situations so this might not be the way to go initially. However, if you have just $5 a day to put towards a highly efficient PPC campaign there is no reason why you can’t generate 10-20 leads a day for your business.

Most people tell me they don’t have the money to advertise online. Do what I did and sacrifice spending $10 on lunch and learn how to eat for just $5. That simple change in my lifestyle has generated hundreds of leads a month and income for my business. The real question to ask yourself is what is more important, an enchilada dinner and iced tea for $9.99 or building your business? Learn to eat on a budget and watch your income grow!

Also, people tell me they would rather start off doing the FREE marketing strategies instead of the paid methods. I’m all for FREE strategies but what most people don’t realize is that it takes several months if not years to start seeing real results from these types of marketing. Think about it. If you wrote one article a day for 30 days you would have 30 articles online at the end of the month. The average article from my experience gets about 100 views a month. So that would mean that after one month you would be generating about 3,000 views or impressions from your articles. If you know much about PPC or article marketing click-through-rates you know that you won’t be generating a ton of traffic at this point. If you’re lucky you will have a 3% CTR which would result in about 90 clicks to your blog or website that you are promoting. Stay with me here. Now think about how much time and research you spent on writing these articles. Not to mention the headache and learning curve you had to go through just to get them uploaded to an online directory. What if I could tell you that for just $9 you could generate the same amount of “clicks” without spending a fraction of your time or energy? Plus, these “clicks” would be of higher quality due to targeting capabilities within your PPC campaigns. Now for someone starting out, what seems like a more logical way to spend their resources? Hundreds of hours doing research and writing articles or 10 min creating a PPC ad and spending $9 over the course of a 30 day period? It’s a no brainer if you ask me!

I’ve personally been working with Tom at EscapeFromAmerica.com with his Facebook PPC campaigns. He started out paying about $3 for every lead that he generated but with a few minor tweaks to his targeting criteria he is now well on his way to $.30-$.50 per lead. I personally love the capabilities that come with Facebook’s advertising platform. In my opinion Facebook is like the Wild-Wild West of online marketing and the opportunities are unlimited when it comes to PPC. I highly encourage you to get with someone who has some experience in this arena and learn from them.

Funded Proposal System:

At this point you may be asking yourself, “How in the world am I going to afford all of this?” Not only will you’re online marketing efforts require your time they will require some working capital. But don’t worry, because this next concept will actually allow you to earn an income while you market online.

It’s called a “Funded Proposal System” and it works like this. Let’s say you’re promoting XYZ Company and your main objectives are to sell the products and recruit other representatives. The most common mistake network marketers have online is they pitch their products or business opportunity to anyone or anything they come in contact with. The truth of the matter is NO ONE CARES!!! How many times have you got an email or an instant message from someone wanting you to buy their miracle juice or join their amazing opportunity that has a binary, unlimited depth compensation plan? Chances are you’ve been approached online or offline by people doing just that. I’m here to tell you there is a better, more effective way to build your business.

A Funded Proposal System is simply a marketing “system” that you use as a tool to reach a more broad audience. It’s an automated lead generation and management tool that will create additional income streams for you to help fund your marketing efforts online. For example, instead of promoting your XYZ Company you would start promoting this “system” which would include training, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and affiliate products for potential prospects to buy from you. The bottom line is not everyone is going to be interested in your products or business opportunity but chances are they may be looking to learn how to do article marketing or set up a Facebook fan page. Promoting things of value that are included in this “system” is how you capture a more broad audience. This “system” can be something you create on your own or you can join an existing “system” which is what I recommend.

Here is how it works:

Prospect “A” watches your video about “how to set up a blog in 5 min” on YouTube. At the end of the video they see a link to your blog to get an idea of what one should look like. After spending a few minutes on your site they see a banner advertisement promoting “how to generate 50+ leads per day”. This captures their attention and they click on it. They are then forwarded to your “system’s” capture page/ landing page and are pleasantly surprised with what they find. They learn about this “system” and the value it has and decide to try it out for themselves. Most “systems” charge around $30-$50 per month but often come with a FREE or $1 dollar trial offer. As people join your “system” you begin to earn residual income for sponsoring them. You will earn additional income when people buy other affiliate products and services within the system for example a website domain or email auto responder. If you don’t know what these are its okay. Just know it’s a way to make additional income! Once someone joins your “system” you will begin to build report with this person and then possibly introduce them to your primary business.

Think BIG:

This concept of thinking big is very simple. THINK BIG!!! I recently was told by a highly successful network marketer and business coach that our thoughts regulate our actions. If you think about that for a second it’s a very powerful statement. “Our thoughts regulate our actions”. What are your thoughts? Are they negative? Are they pessimistic? Instead of thinking, “How in the world am I going to sponsor 3 reps this month?” change the question to, “What can I do differently that would help me sponsor 3 reps this month?” Thinking differently will become apparent in your actions.

Your mind is the most powerful asset you have. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s up to you to decide how you will use it. Fear is a big problem with entrepreneurs and network marketers. The fear of failure or what others think of you is a real issue that we all face at some point in our lives. The good news is I have a solution for this. It’s so important I would compare it to a cure for a major disease. After all, fear is an illness. In order to cure your fears you must take immediate action. It’s not rocket science, it’s just the truth! Taking immediate action will cure any fear you have.

Try it out. Next time you’re faced with fear attack it with immediate action. Maybe you’re afraid to call someone who is a prospect of yours. Instead of waiting around thinking to yourself, “I hope it’s not too late in the day to call him/her” or “I hope they don’t think this is some ponzi scheme”, just pick up the phone and dial their number. Hesitation will kill your business and your confidence. Immediate action is the key to conquering your fears!

Lead The Way:

We have all heard speeches about being a good leader. I’m not here to tell you anything you’ve already heard from a parent or school teacher. I’m going to share with you something that you can apply to your online marketing efforts and your business.

This is so simple you won’t even believe me until you try it yourself! Below are 3 characteristics that I believe one must possess in order to become a strong leader in this industry:

1) Be Professional – Make sure you are presenting yourself as a professional on all of your publicized content online. Having a professional looking blog, Facebook page, twitter page and videos says a lot. People read into this and see you as a leader when your content is professional.

2) Give Value – Create an environment of value. People should want to become your friend and connect with you because of the value you give them. You can do this in many ways. Providing FREE content like how-to videos or articles is great. Also, write your own eBook or 5 day marketing boot camp to give away. These are all great ways to be of value to your followers.

3) Be Helpful – Someone told me that there are 2 types of people in this world. People with problems and people with solutions. If you see someone in need and you know how to help them don’t miss the opportunity to do so. It will pay off in the long run and it will help establish you as a leader in this industry.

I want to thank you so much for reading this article and I truly hope you will begin to develop and eventually master these 4 concepts. If done correctly, you and your business will never be the same!

Clint Schubert has been marketing online since 2004. His recent success has inspired him to help others learn the basic knowledge and skills that are required for one to be successful in the network marketing industry. For more information about Clint’s funded proposal system that he personally uses to generate over 50 leads per day visit MLMSuperStarFormula.com