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What Can I Do With A Business Degree?

If your asking yourself, “What can I do with a business degree?” then you’ve come to the right place! This article will help you understand what opportunities are available for those who have a business degree.

Chances are you are either thinking about obtaining your business degree or you have one already and need some advice on what jobs are out there that you can pursue.

The good news is having a business degree opens up an endless amount of doors of all varieties and flavors! Continue reading this article to learn about some opportunities that you might not have thought about before.

There are 5 general areas of study within the field of business education: Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Marketing. Most jobs or employment opportunities will fall into one of these areas of study.


There are new accounting laws in place that are affecting Corporate America which has increased the demand for accountants. There are 3 main types of accountants: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).

Companies that are hiring accountants: Accounting and Financial companies, Hospitals, Oil & Gas companies, Airline companies, Banks and Tax service companies.


Lately, the finance industry has been under a lot of stress and scrupulation from our government and rightfully so. However, the financial world is not going anywhere and most people who work in this field seem to be wealthy and happy with their jobs. Types of finance jobs include but are not limited to the following: budget analyst, real estate professional, investment banker, money market manager, financial advisor and loan officer.

Companies that are hiring financial professionals: Financial companies, tax service companies, banking institutions, long and short term loan facilities, Oil and Gas companies and money management companies.


This field of study is growing in popularity every day. People who have an entreprenurial mindset often have the desire to start or manage their own business. Types of entrepernurs include resturant owners, retail store owners, service based companies like home builders or car washes and network marketers.

Owning your own business has its many advantages. Being able to work for yourself is the obvious but there are other reasons to start your own business including: tax advantages, time freedom, unlimited income opportunities, job security, low level of stress and being able to get involved with your local community.

Business Management

This is a very broad field of study with an even broader job opportunity. Almost every industry and company in America requires some form of management. The question is which field of management would you like to be a part of.

There are low level managers, mid level managers, and upper level managers. All of which do the same things but with different levels of importance. Often times, obtaining a masters degree in addition to a bachelors degree of business management will open the doors to the upper level management positions including CEO, COO, Vice President and Executives. A business management salary varies greatly based on these different level positions.


“What can I do with my business degree?” is an easy question to answer if you have a marketing degree in business. Again, most companies are constantly looking for marketing professionals to promote the company in new and unique ways that will lead to higher profits. Companies are more than willing to pay for quality marketers because they know that they are a good investment.

Marketing includes the fields of advertising, pricing, strategy, product development, consumer behavior and sales. Anyone who enjoys one or all of these types of marketing niches will be a great asset to an employer.

Final Thoughts

By now you should have a better understanding of what you can do with a business degree. Sadly, most people who currently have a business degree or are pursuing one will never be completely satisfied with their job. Often times the business world is a fast paced, high stressed lifestyle that can take its toll on people over time.

My suggestion is to think about the long term effects of working in the particular field of business you desire. Make sure its something you can see yourself doing not just in the next 3-5 years but over the next 10-20 years. Also, consider doing some research on top undergraduate business schools as most employers take your place of education into consideration.

Compensation is important but also think about other things like: who you will be working with, hours, benefits, stress level, physical and mental demands, personal goals and lifestyle. These are important factors when choosing the right field of business to pursue.

Whatever you decide I hope that you find success in all that you do.

The #1 Aaachoo Review Online – Is Aaachoo Just Another Scam?

Aaachoo is a new social networking site like Facebook, MySpace or Orkut. However, they are claiming to have revolutionized “Social Networking” in such a way that they are promoting themselves as the first Social Network 2.0 site of its kind.

The primary reason for this is because they charge $29.95 per month to be a member. Now you might be wondering why anyone would be willing to pay for something they can get for FREE by signing up with Facebook or MySpace.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why one would benefit from being a paid member of Aaachoo:

  • Connect with other network and internet marketers
  • Entrepreneur friendly
  • Get paid to build your online network
  • Aaachoo executives have 20+ years experience in the industry

We all know there are unlimited uses that come with social networking. Aaachoo is not trying to re-invent the wheel when it comes to groups,forums and wall postings etc. They are simply providing an alternative to the free but crowded social networking sites that we have grown up with.

Get Paid To Be A Social Networking Rockstar!

Aaachoo offers a lucrative 3×9 FORCED matrix compensation plan. It’s very simple how it works. You can join Aaachoo for free but you must upgrade to continue to use their services within 21 days of trying it out. To become an upgraded member costs $29.95 per month.

As you recruit your friends over to Aaachoo they too will join as FREE members. Currently, for every 10 FREE members that sign up 2.9 of them upgrade to the Paid member status. Every person you personally invite who upgrades to a paying member will generate a $15 Fast Start Bonus Commission.

The 3×9 FORCED matrix plan is a monthly residual commission and it works like this:

The 3×9 forced matrix plan is unique to social media sites like Facebook or MySpace. There have been other social networking sites with income opportunities before but not one with a compensation plan like Aaachoo’s. With the forced matrix there is a chance of overflow business from people above you within your matrix. So for someone who may not be a great recruiter they could still build a strong team if someone above them happens to recruit more than their fare share.

Social Networking has exploded over the past 5 years and who knows what the future holds for this amazing phenomenon. What I do know is that it’s here to stay and it’s actually growing in popularity every day. Who knows, maybe this “paid” method might be the next big thing!

How to Generate 20+ Home Based Business Leads Every Day Online For Free

Learning how to generate home based business leads is the most important thing you must know in order to be a successful internet or network marketer. Without fresh leads coming in on a daily basis your business will not go anywhere and you will soon become a member of the “97% club”.Traditionally, when you join a home based business or MLM you are asked to make a list of all of your friends and family who you think might be interested in your product(s) or opportunity. This is the first mistake of most network marketers.

Writing down all of your personal contacts is not only bad business its bad on a relationship level. Most of the time you will harm your relationship with a friend or family member by trying to sell them something they don’t want or pitching them on your opportunity.

If you are reading this article you may already know what I’m talking about. Most people have learned, if they have done other home based businesses, that making a list is like pulling teeth.

By now, you know that making a list is out of the question. Successful network marketers and home based business owners have learned not to do this. So what do they do and what do they recommend?

I’m glad you asked! I’m about to share a little known secret with you that will help you explode your business and put you at the top of the leader boards within your own company.

Generating home based business leads can be done for free online. Let me pause and say that generating leads is an “art”. The guys who are generating 100+ leads a day started by generating 1 lead a day. And then 2 leads. And then 3 and so on.

The more you learn and develop as a lead generation expert the more leads you will bring in on a daily basis.

So how do you generate 20+ home based business leads every day online for free? You start by educating yourself. Learning and duplicating what the experts do is vital for you as someone who is just getting started.

Lead generation is not easy and most people do it incorrectly. Learning the right way to do lead generation will put you way ahead of the learning curve and save you countless hours and headaches along the way.

I am about to give you a very simple formula that I use on a daily basis to generate 20+ leads per day online for free.

(CT + SN) x EM = LGP

Are you scratching your head yet to figure this formula out? Let me explain.

CT stands for “Content”. Generating leads is done by the law of attraction. The way you attract others is done by placing content online that will be available to view when someone is looking for it. Content can be in the form of a blog, article, press release or video. I recommend all of the above.

Generating leads starts by building content and blasting it all across the internet. This will create a “web” to capture your leads that you attract. Simply put, creating content is just a way to give people what they are looking for.

For example: if you wrote a blog titled, “ABC Network Marketing Company Review” people who are doing research on this company would read your blog. Most often, people who visit your blog will see you as a leader and want to know more about you. This brings us to the next part of the equation.

If you want 20+ home based business leads a day chasing you down then you must make yourself available on the “Social Networks”. When someone visits your blog or watches a video you made you must give them the option to meet you and learn more about you. This can be done by creating accounts with a few of the social networking sites out there.

Most of you already do this but maybe you go about it the wrong way. First of all, social networking takes up a lot of time. I know people who spend half of their day posting tweets on Twitter and looking what friends did last week on Facebook.

Getting distracted costs network marketers millions of dollars a year so be careful!

People who want to know more about you will come find you so first create accounts with Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Actively communicating on these three networks will make yourself available to most of your leads. If someone doesn’t have a Facebook account maybe they have a MySpace or Twitter account. You get the idea. The point is to make yourself available to anyone who wants to find you.

Okay, so far we have created content and made ourselves available on the social networking sites. So how do we create leads from this? A lead is not a lead until they give you their information. This is done by an opt-in or lead capture page. Setting up these simple websites to obtain someone’s contact information is how a lead is generated. I call this “Email Marketing”.

You must be able to communicate effectively with a lead. The best way to do this is through email marketing. Anyone who is success in this industry will tell you that building a list is the foundation of their business. Without a list of contacts to market to you are not going anywhere.

Being able to send out an email to your list is priceless. It’s how all of the top income earners got to where they are so it only makes sense for someone who is just getting started to do the same thing.

(Content + Social Networking) x Email Marketing = “Leads, Growth and Profits!”

This simple formula is how you can generate 20+ home based business leads a day online for free.

Momentis Business Opportunity Review – A Third-Party Review of Momentis by Just Energy

Momentis by Just Energy is an up and coming network marketing company that has a lot of potential. Their primary product is the deregulation of energy. There are several network marketing companies that have been very successful selling deregulated energy.

The way it works is simple. You join as an independent representative and ask your friends and family to switch their energy service. Customers who live within the deregulated areas can switch who they pay for energy with no risks or out of pocket expense. However, customers who are in contract should wait before switching to avoid any early termination fees.

You get paid every time your customers pay their monthly energy bill. Its really that simple!

The best part is you can build a downline of representatives and get paid a monthly commission on their customers as well. Representatives in other similar companies have built downlines in excess of 50,000 customers. Imagine getting paid anywhere from $.50 to $5.00+ on each customer every single month. The income potential is incredible.

Energy deregulation is growing in popularity. Customers benefit because it brings more competition to the market place which lowers prices. There are about 20 states and 5 provinces that have been deregulated. Some territories have deregulated electricity while others have deregulated natural gas. A few territories have deregulated both products.

Momentis is the marketing arm for Just energy. Just Energy is positioned in 13 States and 5 Canadian provinces. The market is virtually untapped in most of these areas.

Customers benefit by switching to a lower rate. Independent representatives benefit by earning a monthly residual income. Momentis by Just Energy benefits by building a large customer base from the efforts of word of mouth advertising. This is the cheapest and lowest risk form of advertising available.

You should not have any problem building a Momentis organization. The leadership of this company is phenomenal and rock solid. Getting in on the ground floor of this opportunity will be a blessing for anyone who takes it serious.