Zurvita – As Seen on TV – A Critical Review Of The Zurvita Business Opportunity

Zurvita (ZRVT) is a publicly traded company headquartered in Houston, Texas. It was founded in 2008 by Mark and Tracy Jarvis who have more than 20+ years of “in the field” network marketing experience. They were strong seven figure income earners in a previous business and helped others on their team become financially independent.

Zurvita prides itself on three core principles:

* Create a company that glorifies God

* Create strong but humble leadership

* Create an environment where people can win at every level

You can join the Zurvita business opportunity for a reasonable low cost start up fee of $99 or $349. The overall business model is simple. Consultants join Zurvita and switch some of their current services over to Zurvita. You may be asking, “what services”?

Zurvita offers common essential services such as electricity & natural gas, telecommunications, health care and legal services just to name a few. Most people who join change over their utilities to Zurvita if they live in one of the deregulated states (Texas, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and California). You can also switch your home phone service and wireless service. As a Zurvita consultant you have the ability to help your friends and family save money by switching to the Zurvita services and earn an income at the same time!

Unlike other network marketing or direct selling companies, Zurvita does not require you to store products in your garage or sign up for an auto ship program. This is very attractive to some veterans in the industry. As you tell your friends and family the word spreads about the services Zurvita offers and the income potential builds. The more you talk about Zurvita the more your check grows. People you know or do business with will be glad to become your customer because they can save money while helping you at the same time. Others will see the income potential and join your team as a consultant which leverages your efforts.

Overall, Zurvita is a unique business opportunity that is growing in popularity every day. The services are essential and competitively priced. The income opportunity is incredible. They even give you a FREE Mercedes to drive win you reach a monthly income of just $2,000. Former NBA superstars like Tim Hardaway and Mark Jackson have come on board with Zurvita. You just have to make the decision like they have and take immediate action!

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