Momentis Business Opportunity Review – A Third-Party Review of Momentis by Just Energy

Momentis by Just Energy is an up and coming network marketing company that has a lot of potential. Their primary product is the deregulation of energy. There are several network marketing companies that have been very successful selling deregulated energy.

The way it works is simple. You join as an independent representative and ask your friends and family to switch their energy service. Customers who live within the deregulated areas can switch who they pay for energy with no risks or out of pocket expense. However, customers who are in contract should wait before switching to avoid any early termination fees.

You get paid every time your customers pay their monthly energy bill. Its really that simple!

The best part is you can build a downline of representatives and get paid a monthly commission on their customers as well. Representatives in other similar companies have built downlines in excess of 50,000 customers. Imagine getting paid anywhere from $.50 to $5.00+ on each customer every single month. The income potential is incredible.

Energy deregulation is growing in popularity. Customers benefit because it brings more competition to the market place which lowers prices. There are about 20 states and 5 provinces that have been deregulated. Some territories have deregulated electricity while others have deregulated natural gas. A few territories have deregulated both products.

Momentis is the marketing arm for Just energy. Just Energy is positioned in 13 States and 5 Canadian provinces. The market is virtually untapped in most of these areas.

Customers benefit by switching to a lower rate. Independent representatives benefit by earning a monthly residual income. Momentis by Just Energy benefits by building a large customer base from the efforts of word of mouth advertising. This is the cheapest and lowest risk form of advertising available.

You should not have any problem building a Momentis organization. The leadership of this company is phenomenal and rock solid. Getting in on the ground floor of this opportunity will be a blessing for anyone who takes it serious.


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